Your Enterprise Product, Pricing & Eligibility Engine

CompassPPE™ (CPPE™) is a comprehensive, contemporary product and pricing engine designed for flexibility and ease of use with robust capital markets capabilities that enable lending institutions of all sizes to offer a point-of-sale PPE to their correspondent, wholesale, and retail origination channels. CPPE™ empowers originators and lock desk personnel with a streamlined lock and relock workflow that combines mobile access, automation, historical pricing, LOS integration, and optional integration to Compass Analytics’ risk management solution, CompassPoint™. Capital markets groups can now comfortably enable automated locking, relocking and extensions, and utilize originator performance reporting to implement dynamic and granular control of profit margins and mortgage servicing rights (MSR) values. Additionally, CPPE™ is the first PPE in the industry to offer a comprehensive application programming interface (API) that allows all core PPE functions and PPE integrations to be leveraged programmatically from within a client’s proprietary user interface and system.

Granular & Dynamic Margin Management Platform

Industry leading margin management capabilities allow admins to write margin rules on any loan or user characteristic. Grid-based margins allow for easy management with copy-paste, with recon & staging capabilities.

Intuitive & Mobile-Friendly LO and Secondary User Interface

Keep tabs on your loans on the go with full mobile capabilities for loan searches, locks, extensions and more. CPPE™ also provides lock desk managers to manage lock approvals, concessions, and more from a mobile device.

Seamless automation of lock management functions for LO and Secondary

CPPE™’s lock policies allow for full automation of locks, relock, extensions, float downs, and concessions. Save time by eliminating manual pricing reviews, while maintaining control of when to apply worse-case pricing, lock change fees, and more.

Industry leading API integration options

Market leading API capabilities allow for full integration of all search and locking functions into a native application UI. Integration capabilities also include a “pop-in frame” option to support the full CPPE™ experience within your LOS, POS, and more.

Full integration with CompassPoint™ risk management system

Generate daily best-ex pricing in CPPE™ from the CompassPoint™ Ratesheet Tool. Real time risk position updates are made when locks are completed in CPPE™.

Dedicated PPE account support and training

CompassPPE™ provides a dedicated account manager and back-up to assist the implementation process, and provide ongoing support. Weekly implementation trainings, and review of new features are part of the standard support for our clients.

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