Enabling Profitability Through Technology

CompassBid™ provides sellers full bid automation including investor eligibility and pricing, sellers’ full range of executions, data file normalization and encryption, market spots, full bid transparency and reporting, purchase advice reconciliation, integration to risk management and LOS systems, and other trading best practices to provide comprehensive best execution.

Automated loading of investor bids

CompassBid™ simplifies your loan sale process by automatically importing investor bids on your behalf. Our Loan Sale Tracker lets you review the status of each investor’s bid in real-time from your mobile device.

Market calibration for All bids

Market calibration functionality within CompassBid™ lets you adjust investor bids based on implied or actual market movement. This ensures each investor’s pricing is evaluated apples to apples and gives you the tools to make the right decision every time.

Full best execution of all delivery options

CompassBid™ builds on Compass Analytics’ years of experience valuing pipelines in myriad market environments, giving you the functionality to ensure each investor’s pricing is modeled appropriately, regardless of delivery method. Take control of your best execution analysis by incorporating relationship adjustments, delivery fees, interest rate carry and more.

Pooling optimization algorithms to solve for optimal high-balance percentages and scenario analysis

CompassBid™ leverages pooling optimization algorithms within CompassPoint™, facilitating an advanced, aggregate view of best execution. Using these features, users can go beyond reviewing each investor’s price in a vacuum and can evaluate the full economics of the bid.

Easily adjust investor market share with Best Execution Assist

Users may adjust bid pricing using the Best Execution Assist, or BEAST, functionality within CompassBid™. Using BEAST, the analyst may quickly review investor market share, send color with user-defined cover buckets, and alter relationship adjustments to easily account for intangible considerations.

Save time and money with automation for trade assignments

Analysts may create tri-party agreements to send to participating investors from CompassBid™, cutting down on costly bid/ask spread. Assignment paperwork may be sent to the investor community for their e-signature, all within an efficient, automated workflow.

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